June 7, 2010

Andre, Morris & Buttery and Morris & Garritano Offer Employment Seminar

San Luis Obispo – Andre, Morris & Buttery attorneys and employment law specialists Collette Hiller and Kathy Eppright were featured speakers at a recent Central Coast business leaders’ seminar. The daylong event focused on HR management for companies and organizations of all sizes and was hosted by AMB and Morris & Garritano Insurance. The PowerPoint presentations used by Ms. Hillier and Ms. Eppright are available in PDF format via the attachments below. Further information is available by contacting Kathy Eppright at [email protected] or Collette Hillier at [email protected]; For complete event pre-release click here.

Colette Hillier HR Basics: The Life of an Employee
Collette Hillier

Kathy Eppright HR Basics: The Life of an Employee Part 2
Kathy Eppright

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