Firm Captains Seafood Business Acquisition

Like many clients, Central Coast Seafood grew with AMB on board. The firm was originally retained by the company’s founder as the business was getting off the ground – or perhaps more accurately, into the water. Over time, AMB became a behind-the-scenes business partner, helping the business grow and expand, and then in 2012, AMB steered the business through a successful acquisition by Santa Monica Seafood.


Small Business Owner Beats Corporate Giant

AMB’s Dennis Law and Colette Hillier recovered nearly $3.2M on behalf of a Central Coast small business owner who challenged the unlawful business practices of a large international motorsport company. After receiving a successful jury award in the trial court (which included punitive damages) AMB successfully defended the motorsport company’s appeal to the Court of Appeal and its petition for review to the California Supreme Court. AMB prevailed against the motorsport company’s prominent law firm in a lengthy hard fought case involving unique and complex legal issues.


Business Buoyed by Firm’s HR Defense

For years, Central Coast Seafood skillfully navigated the waters of the local fresh seafood market from Monterey to Santa Barbara, but when it came to managing the turbulent waters of California’s employment laws, this family-owned business turned to AMB’s employment law specialist, Kathy Eppright. Kathy became a trusted advisor to the owners on personnel matters, as well as their go-to litigator when needed. By having all of its ducks in a row, the company was an attractive target for an even bigger fish in the seafood distribution industry, Santa Monica Seafood, who acquired Central Coast Seafood in 2012, a deal that was negotiated by the firm’s business transactions department (click here for more details on the sale).


Property Owners Prevail Against Local Government

A San Luis Obispo commercial center suffered extensive structural damages due to the city over pumping a nearby groundwater well during an extended drought. The retail center businesses experienced cracked and sinking walls, shifting floors that left front doors jammed shut, uneven parking lots and other commerce-impeding problems. The City maintained the action was needed due to emergency conditions and refused to compensate property owners. Dennis Law successfully sued the City on the businesses’ behalf and damages were paid.

Photo by Avis Mandel

Arkansas Business Plants Roots in Santa Maria Valley

The vision of Presqu’ile Winery formed when the Murphy family decided to plant their deep Arkansas roots in the rich Santa Maria Valley soil. What grew out of that vision is an award-winning wine and stunningly beautiful, innovative winery. Its name meaning “almost an island,” pays homage to the family’s home away from home on the gulf coast. Presqu’ile’s tasting room has become a haven for wine aficionados needing a quiet respite and a mecca for others in the industry looking for new ideas. AMB is proud to have helped the Murphy family turn their dream into a reality. To learn more about Presqu’ile Winery, visit presquilewine.com


Landmark Winery/Vineyard Sale

When Justin and Deborah Baldwin decided to sell their world renowned JUSTIN vineyards, winery, and bed and breakfast inn in Paso Robles, California, they chose AMB principal Michael Morris to lead the transaction team. The prestigious JUSTIN brand was negotiated in a landmark sale to the owner of Fiji Water, Teleflora, POM Wonderful and Paramount Citrus, among other companies. To date, AMB has negotiated more than $100M in winery and vineyard transactions throughout California.