The 2012 Business Symposium Podcasts

San Luis Obispo — We hope you enjoy this podcast of the 2012 Central Coast Business Symposium. The order of speakers was Kathy Eppright, Tim Bennett and Clark Hoyt. Note that due to some technical difficulty at the beginning of Ms. Eppright’s presentation, the recording did not pick up the first few minutes of her presentation.

HR Challenges: What Businesses Can Learn from Each Other
Kathy Eppright, Managing Principal, Andre, Morris & Buttery
Lessons I Learned Working in the Oprah Empire
Tim Bennett, President, Harpo Productions, 1994-2010

Podcast:  MP3
Election 2012: It’s All About the Economy
Clark Hoyt, Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist; Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg News

Podcast: MP3