California and “complicated land use laws” just seem to go together, and AMB has this hand-in-glove combo down cold.   Local challenge or statewide issue; question of real estate or environment;  water and other natural resources—we’ve managed the legal side of them all.  There’s a reason we’re on speed dial for developers, engineers and contractors and anyone who needs help making it through the development approval process.  The Firm has dealt with a wide range of issues including:

  • Land use, including zoning, sub-divisions, development agreements, CC&R’s, BRE Compliance, easements and other land use issues.
  • Evaluation of environmental issues/impacts of existing and proposed projects.
  • Negotiation & implementation of remediation strategies and plans.
  • Interaction with regulatory agencies at all levels including city/county/special district; state and federal; assistance with laws including CEQA and others.