Mediation: A Quicker, Less Expensive Method of Dispute Resolution

While trials are a vital part of our civil court process, they can be time-consuming, expensive and unpredictable.  Alternative dispute resolution is most often called for by the courts, practitioners and the parties.  For several reasons, mediation has become the accepted alternative.

Andre, Morris & Buttery provides effective mediation services for a diverse range of cases and circumstances.

Our mediator, Dennis Law, is a natural problem solver who has handled hundreds of cases over nearly four decades of legal practice. Mr. Law has litigation experience in a variety of cases, including business and property disputes; land use; contracts; construction; design professional; trust and probate; employment; and more. Trained in mediation at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University School of Law, he is effective and impartial in his work.

Mediations at Andre, Morris & Buttery will provide the parties with a full opportunity to negotiate a resolution of their controversy fairly and competently.  Participants will have open lines of communication with Mr. Law before, during and after the mediation session and they will be heard.  Potential resolutions will be explored exhaustively and creatively, taking into account the needs, desires and objectives of each participant with a keen eye on the underlying core interests that oftentimes point the way to an evasive resolution.

If a mediation fails initially, Mr. Law will be available to assist the parties in follow up conversations (should they wish) to further explore resolutions.  We are dedicated to helping participants with the pursuit of a resolution.

Should a resolution be found, we will work with you in your preparation of an enforceable written agreement signed by the parties and approved by counsel.

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